You must watch this video. America’s children are under assualt, and this story is the one of the most egregious examples.

Justina Pelletier was taken from her parents and has been held for more than a year. Please do the research on this story and help in any way possible.

You can help at Watch the video and help if you can.

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  1. You need to enlist your State Representative and State Senator to to put forth a resolution in both houses to condemn the State of Massacuesetts for this action. Then they approach the govenor with the fact that Justina is Connecticut resident and that he should requst the state of Ct. DCF investigate this matter and give a full report back to him. The govenor at that point make a statement that she be released back to the state of CT. immediately. Let them not respond to that. At that point not only will you hold the agency and state legally responsible but also the individuals responsible for making the decisions. Good Luck

  2. Parents are THE PARENTS, and that includes this case with Justina and family—FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGTS and don’t give up my prayers are with you, but remember, God has a purpose for this struggle….God bless you.

  3. I totally agree with the comments above. How does MA get the right to do this to a child and her family, they have no rights in this case. Her home state is CT., did MA have the right to do this??? They have taken the rights away of her parents. Why hasn’t anyone gotten involved with this case?? The judge who gave the hospital right to suspend her parents rights, he can’t be following the law. I hope he never has a young family member that this happens to. What are you people thinking. How do you people sleep at night? This is a child we are talking about, a child that is now doing worse than when she was brought in. If this child dies who will be responsible???!!! Why isn’t someone digging into this for a child’s life, her parents have never been investigated, so why have they taken her from them,they have no reports of any kind, other than being loving parents who were doing what has been right for her and her health. If this was your child what would you do??? We need to ban together against Boston Children’s hospital, they have kidnapped this young lady, that have stripped her parents rights, they have gone as far as no letting them even see her. Again, put yourself in their place and what would you do. One more thing… check into the number of children that have died at Boston Children’s Hospital and see how many children who have been put on study programs, that have died. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED. CT DCF needs to get involved before this child dies from not being taken care of by Boston Children’s Hospital. May God be with this child and her loving family, pray for them. God Bless, You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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